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(Local Drug Delivery (LLD) - Sterile Medicated Resorbable Fibres)

PERIODONTAL PLUS AB (Local Drug Delivery (LLD) - Sterile Medicated Resorbable Fibres)

PPAB is collagen fibril based formulation containing tetracycline hydrochloride (2 mg of tetracycline) in 25 mg of collagen fibrils. It has a dual mode of action, via the active agent, Tetracycline, and the vehicle, high purity, biocompatible Type-I collagen which are used. This very unique feature of PPAB enables the active agent as well as the vehicle to be able to work positively towards the repair of the Periodontal lesion.


  • Periodontal Plus AB cannot be resterilized or reused. Since sensitivity reactions are more likely to occur in persons with a history of allergy, asthma, high fever, or urticaria, the preparation should be used with caution in such individuals. Once the package is opened, the unused portions of the Periodontal Plus AB have to be discarded.


  • This product is dispensed and applied only through registered dental practitioners. Periodontal Plus AB is available by medical prescription only.


  • Periodontal Plus AB should be kept in a clean, dry location. It can be stored at ambient room temperature and it is risk-free between -18°C to 40°C or 0°F to 104°F.


  • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.


  • Periodontal Plus AB would have a minimum of 3 years shelf-life.


  • Catalogue Number Product Size - mg Packaging design
    6003.B-1 Each vial contains 25 mg (Total 100 mg in 4 vials) 4 Vials / Box


    • The results indicate that the adjunctive use of MCM + SRP is a clinically effective treatment option for the long-term management of adult periodontitis. Ref.: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION PERIODONTOLOGY – ANNUAL MEETING, 2002.
      Publication ref.: Journal of Periodontology, USA, Vol. 73: (10) p. 1243-44, 2002.