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Advanced Biotech Products P Ltd

In August 1993, Advanced Biotech Products P Ltd (ABP)

Became incorporated in Chennai, India. ABP was founded by Dr. S. Gunasekaran, one of the world’s foremost collagen experts. ABP has acquired a U.S. patented proprietary collagen production technology to make it a leader in this field. The unique purification steps of the patented technology results in a high purity, less immunogenic and better bio-compatible collagen than that are currently available in the commercial market. This has been proven through relevant clinical trial studies. The company currently uses this Patented technology to develop high margin Advanced Biotech Surgical Products in the area of wound healing, drug delivery, all kinds of soft and bone tissue repair and regenerative surgical applications.

The company is devoted to empowering quality surgical products based around Collagen. The technological advancement and the tie-up with an American company reflects a new focus on the bio-medical product market. ABP integrates powerful concepts and valuable biomaterials behind advanced manufacturing tools to produce value added medical products. The company's experience in Medical Device manufacturing enables the company to manufacture such high-end products.

special clients comments

  • Leland (Lee) Winters

    Senior Medical Advisor

  • Joe Barcelone

    Senior Medical Advisor

  • Prema Dhanraj

    Plastic Surgeon