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(DMBM - XENOGRAFT along with Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate Moldable)

OSSEOMOLD (DMBM - XENOGRAFT along with Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate Moldable)

High Purity Type-I collagen derived from bone is essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling in any osseous defect. Xenograft Material/DMBM is one such demineralized bone derived Type-I collagen for flap surgery, implants, sinus lift, ridge augmentation etc.


  • Space Maintainer

  • Totally Resorbable

  • Osteoinductive & Osteoconductive

  • Cost-Effective

  • Easy to Handle and Place


  • ► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated in infectious cancerous areas, unless it is addressed properly.

    ► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated for highly sensitive patients for bone graft materials.

    ► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated in clinical situations where any bone filling surgery should not be performed due to other pathological conditions.


  • Like any other surgical procedure, care has to be taken to monitor the health condition and the medication like steroid or anticoagulants taken by the patient which might affect the surgical procedure. OSSEOMOLD cannot be resterilized or reused. Once the package is opened, the unused portions of the OSSEOMOLD have to be discarded. Osseomold is available by medical prescription only.


  • Osseomold should be kept in a clean, dry location. It can be stored at ambient room temperature and it is risk-free between -18°C to 40°C or 0°F to 104°F.


  • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.


  • OSSEOMOLD would have a minimum of 3 years shelf-life.


  • Catalogue Number Product Size - gms Packaging design
    4002.B-1 Each vial contains 0.25g (Total 0.5 g in 2 vials) 2 Vials/ Box