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(Bioresorbable GTR/GBR Membrane)

HEALIGUIDE (Bioresorbable GTR/GBR Membrane)

Healiguide is a thin sheet made of high purity Type-I collagen derived from selected animal tissues and purified using a patented American technology. The additional charge modifications and slight calcifications of collagen helps for proper guided bone tissue regeneration.

Healiguide is unique and different from other native collagen membranes that are known to facilitate fibrogenesis over osteoconduction. Its complete resorbability eliminates any need for a second surgical procedure as in the case of non-resorbable membrane. It is intended for flap surgery, implants, gum elevation etc.


  • Better than ePTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) barrier membrane due to its bioresorbable nature.

  • Superior to other collagen membranes because of high purity and better biocompatibility.

  • The bone "graft" provides support for the membrane.

  • The bone "graft" facilitates clot stabilization .

  • The membrane guides favourable healing .


  • ► HEALIGUIDE is contraindicated in infectious and contaminated cases of oral cavity.

    ► HEALIGUIDE is contraindicated for highly sensitive patients to collagen materials.

    ► HEALIGUIDE is contraindicated in clinical situations where any surgery should not be performed.


  • Like any other surgical procedure, care has to be taken to monitor the health condition and the medication like steroid or anticoagulants taken by the patient which might affect the surgical procedure. Proper caution has to be taken when using in pregnant women and children as patients. HEALIGUIDE cannot be resterilized or reused. Once the packaged vial is opened, the unused portions of the HEALIGUIDE have to be discarded. Healiguide is available by medical prescription only.


  • Healiguide should be kept in a clean, dry location. It can be stored at ambient room temperature and it is risk-free between -18°C to 40°C or 0°F to 104°F.


  • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.


  • HEALIGUIDE would have a minimum of 3 years shelf-life.


    Catalogue Number Product Size - mm Packaging design
    5003.B-1 15x20 1 Vial/ Box
    5003.B-2 20x30 1 Vial / Box
    5003.B-3 30x40 1 Vial/ Box